What is the Perfect Flat White

Perfect Flat White

A Flat White is a coffee beverage comprised of one or two shots of espresso,  steamed milk and 2-4mm of microfoam on top. 

In most of the cities in Australia such as Adelaide, some coffee shops serve a Flat White as a small Latte. However, at Lygoncoffee, we treat a flat white is another way to enhance the flavor of the bean itself while making a milky coffee.

What components make a GOOD Flat White?

  1. Packing as much flavor as possible into a small cup.
  2. The coffee should be high quality, not over-roasted bean, dosed and ground proportion correctly to ensure the perfect extraction of the coffee liquor(espresso base).
  3. Uses less milk and less foam.
  4. The foam has tiny bubbles microfoam in order to make the texture feel velvety
  5. There should be a natural creamy sweetness
  6. The coffee needs to do most of the talking not the milk

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