• Some items carry a manufacturer's warranty. Warranty conditions must be noted with the item when purchased. LygonCoffee Warranty Conditions may vary from the original product warranty included by the manufacturer. See the product description on the website for specific product warranty details.
  • All warranties extend to the end user of the purchased product, not to the reseller.
  • All warranties do not cover recommended maintenance (or what is considered normal wear and tear) as per the product manual / user guide.
  • Warranty does not cover any issues caused due to the impact of water quality.
  • For ACAIA products click here and submit your details for warranty claims before return.

Proof of Purchase

  • For warranty claims, the end user must present LygonCoffee with Proof of Purchase. Proof of Purchase must clearly show the purchased item, the reseller’s details, and the date of purchase. Warranty may not be valid if purchased from an unauthorised reseller.


  • For repairs under warranty, the cost of shipping is not included. The cost of shipping the goods to the authorised repair agent may be paid by the reseller/end user. The cost of labour for repairs may not be included in some warranties.
  • For repairs on products which are out of warranty, please see the Servicing section.


  • To submit a service request for an ACAIA product click here and submit your details.
  • The customer is liable for all costs associated with servicing equipment that is out of warranty. These costs include postage, labour, and parts.
  • Labour charges start at $39.95 (ex. GST) per product.
  • Prior to any repairs being carried out, the customer will be advised of final service costs. Servicing will not be finalised until these service costs have been approved by the customer. If any additional issues arise during testing, the customer will be advised of amended costs. Servicing will not proceed until this amended service cost has been approved by the customer.
  • For all repairs, please allow up to 14 business days for completion.
  • A product will be deemed repaired/serviced, once it is operating within manufacturing tolerance.
  • LygonCoffee shall not be responsible for any damages incurred or goods lost during transport to and from our warehouse. This includes all returns, repairs, and servicing, whether under warranty or out of warranty.