7 Benefits You Can Get Out of Biodegradable Cups

7 Benefits You Can Get Out of Biodegradable Cups

Do you find yourself walking to your office's coffee machine and grabbing a paper cup to enjoy a nice cup of joe? If so, you might go through a couple of paper cups a day. While a paper cup, name-wise, sounds eco-friendly, the fact is that they're not! Did you know that these cups are lined with a certain plastic that is incredibly tough to recycle? It's true, and that's why we highly implore you to switch to real biodegradable cups instead!

That said, let's talk about all the benefits you can get out of biodegradable cups:

1. They're Good for the Environment

As the name suggests, biodegradable cups are made from materials that can be broken down by bacteria or other living organisms. This means that they won't end up in landfill, taking up valuable space and causing pollution. Also, they're also often made from renewable materials, so they don't put as much strain on the planet's resources.

2. They're Made from Renewable Resources

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, many people are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the planet. One way to do this is to switch to biodegradable cups. These cups are typically made out of corn starch or bamboo, meaning that they're made out of 100% renewable resources that are easily accessible and safe to use both for us and the world.

3. They're Compostable

The term "biodegradable" is often used interchangeably with "compostable", but there is a difference. Biodegradable means that a product can be broken down by biological means, such as bacteria or other microorganisms. Compostable means that a product can be broken down into compost, which is a type of organic matter that is used as a fertilizer or soil amendment. And compostable is exactly what you can get out of biodegradable cups!

4. They're Reusable

Just because a cup is biodegradable doesn't mean it can't be reused. In fact, many biodegradable cups are designed to be reused multiple times. This is great news for the environment, as it means that these cups won't end up in landfill where they'll take years to break down.

5. They're Recyclable

Sometimes, you cannot reuse a biodegradable cup. However, they're still recyclable, meaning that when you do need to toss one away and use a new one, they're going to be recycled! This lowers the strain on Earth's resources, and pair that with the fact that the resource being used is still renewable, this is good news for the environment.

6. They're Durable

Biodegradable cups are just as durable as their plastic counterparts. This means that they won't leak or break easily, and they'll last just as long as a regular cup. This allows them to be used a number of times, not only reducing the need to purchase more cups but also helping you save money. This is a big win-win for you and Mother Nature.

7. They're Affordable

Biodegradable cups are becoming increasingly affordable as more and more companies switch to using them. This means that there's no excuse not to make the switch! Whatever your budget may be, there's a biodegradable cup you can use, and thanks to improvements in the cup's build, they're longer-lasting, helping you save even more.


All in all, if you haven't made the switch from normal cups to biodegradable ones, we highly recommend that you do so. All of the above benefits make it incredibly worth it to make the switch, and in the long run, not only will your wallet and conscious thank you, but so will the world itself!

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