Sharing Is Caring: Reasons to Provide Coffee in Your Workplace

Sharing Is Caring: Reasons to Provide Coffee in Your Workplace

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world and is consumed after water, tea and milk. Its consumption is on the rise every year worldwide, so a sizeable percentage of your employees are drinking coffee at work every day. Many employees are not able to function in the morning until they have had their cup of coffee, especially if they have several tasks to complete that day.

Offering coffee in the workplace has become more affordable, and there are wide varieties to choose from, which means there is never a reason not to offer coffee. If you do not yet provide coffee in your office, you are missing out on the opportunity to show your employees that you appreciate them and build stronger workplace culture. Offering complimentary coffee can also motivate employees to work harder.

That said, below are just a few more reasons to provide coffee in the office regularly.

1. It Enables Increased Productivity

Do you provide office coffee? Research shows that providing office coffee can increase productivity and concentration. Caffeine in coffee increases the brain's levels of alertness by triggering the release of neurochemicals such as norepinephrine and dopamine, which improve focus and concentration. On top of that, caffeine increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, making it more receptive to new information.

The caffeine in coffee also works to heighten the senses. This coffee-induced boost in energy and heightened senses has surprising benefits. 

2. It Helps Boost Morale

The first thing employees do when they arrive at the office is to brew a pot of coffee, which means you can contribute to the morale of your employees. Providing coffee as a benefit to your employees is a great idea. It also gives employees a chance to meet with each other on a more personal level during this time.

If you are worried about the cost of providing coffee to your employees, don't be. Adding just one or two more cups of coffee per day makes the cost of offering complimentary coffee insignificant. If you are concerned about the cost, then you can always find inexpensive ways to provide this benefit to your company. You could roast your own coffee beans or use a low-cost instant coffee.

3. It Enables Social Interaction in the Office

Many companies look to the break room as a way for employees to talk about work and share ideas. Outside opinions can lead to creativity, which means that the coffee shop or break area becomes a space where employees are better able to solve problems, which leads to a higher quality of work. A study showed that coffee breaks could increase the sense of cohesion at the workplace and heighten the employees' overall quality of life.

4. It Promotes Productive Meetings

Studies show that caffeine helps people focus and remember information longer. This means you can hold meetings earlier in the day before everyone is worn out, and they'll pay attention to you as much as you're paying attention to them. The more you can get done during the day, the less time you'll have to work at night, which means you can spend time with your family.

If you have to hold meetings later in the day, you'll also find that coffee can help to keep employees awake and alert.


Providing coffee to your employees is a great way to show them that you appreciate their hard work and make the workplace more enjoyable. The cost is low, and the benefits are great. The more you can provide for your employees, the more likely they are to put in more effort. Remember that employees who are grateful for their benefits are more productive and enjoy their work more.

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