Why Do Hot Brew and Cold Brew Coffee Taste Different

Why Do Hot Brew and Cold Brew Coffee Taste Different

Recently, the surge in cold brew has brought about important questions, which something as ubiquitous as coffee ought to help us answer. Why does it taste different from hot brew coffee? The distinctive flavour of a cold brew highlights the complex nature of how flavour works in coffee brewing. If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, read on.

What Is Hot Brew Coffee?

Hot brew is what it sounds like: coffee made with hot water. Traditional drip methods popularise the method of hot brew. French press, pour-over, and some combination of the two are all forms of hot brew.

Does hot brew tend to be stronger in flavour?

Due to the higher temperature, yes. Hot brew is stronger in flavour because the water is causing chemical changes in the coffee.

In hot water, the moment the coffee is added to the water, they begin to mix. Coffee grounds are quickly dissolving in the water. The longer the coffee is in hot water, or the hotter the water is, the more changes will occur.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

Like the name says, cold brew is coffee brewed with cold water. Cold brews are made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for a long time—a beverage with a more complex flavour, a different texture, and less caffeine.

Does cold brew tend to be less intense in flavour?

Yes. Cold brew is weaker in flavour, but it’s less acidic. That’s because the chemical changes in hot brew have not occurred.

Since the grounds are not being dissolved into the water, they retain their flavour over a longer period. This means that you keep the flavour of the coffee intact.

What Does Flavour Mean in Coffee Brewing?

Flavour refers to the taste and aroma of the coffee. Flavour is typically what we’re going for when we want a cup of coffee. When you drink a cup of coffee, you’re experiencing flavour and flavour notes.

Flavour Notes

Flavour notes are the different aromas and tastes that you experience in a cup of coffee. It’s important to remember that flavour notes are different than the flavour. Flavour notes are notes that linger. They are like the aftertaste you get when drinking a beer or wine.

For example, you may have drank a cup of coffee that had a blackberry flavour note. It was a naturally sweet berry flavour without the blackberry taste. (There’s a good chance this is because blackberry flavour notes don’t exist.)

Why Does Hot Brew Taste Different from Cold Brew?

As we know, flavour is created by the chemical and physical changes in coffee.

In hot brew, the coffee has more chance to release its flavour notes into the water, and the flavour concentrates in the water. The higher concentration of flavour notes in hot brew means you have a stronger, more intense flavour in the cup.

Cold brew takes a while to dissolve its flavour into the water. The slower dissolve also means that the coffee grounds will not release as much acid into the water. The result is a coffee with less acid and a sweeter flavour.

Conclusion: Hot Brew or Cold Brew?

Whether hot brew or cold brew is better is not a question about flavour. The different methods are really about what you like. Hot brew is the stronger, more intense flavour, while cold brew is sweeter, more nuanced, and has less acid.

If you’re looking for a bold, intense cup of coffee, hot brew is the way to go. If you like a cup that gives you a variety of flavours, cold brew is the way to go.

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