The Origins of Coffee: Discovery and Globalisation

The Origins of Coffee: Discovery and Globalisation

Where did coffee come from? Who was the first person to figure out that coffee beans and hot water were best friends?

Are you ready to go on a quick journey through the history of coffee, from its origin up to your morning cup of coffee right now?

The Discovery of Coffee

Coffee was discovered by accident around 850AD. It was found in the southwestern region of Ethiopia in Africa.

The legend goes that a shepherd called Kaldi took his sheep to their pasture one morning when they started to jump around and run around in circles. Kaldi tried to stop them by throwing a rock at them, and to his surprise, the sheep stopped jumping around when the rock landed near them.

Afterward, he noticed that the rock was full of something that attracted the sheep. He took the rock back to his hut and saw that the rock was full of coffee seeds. He tried the coffee beans and found that they made him feel more awake and alert. The original coffee drink came from boiling coffee beans in water.

This drink was shared within Ethiopian communities, and the popular coffee drink was introduced to the Arabian Peninsula in the 15th century. It was then spread to other world areas throughout the 16th century.

The Original Coffee Drink

The original coffee drink was made by grinding the coffee beans and mixing them with water. The coffee beans were then boiled in the water, producing a bitter drink with a thick consistency. People did not like the taste of this original coffee drink.

It was not until the 17th century that a man called Oliver Caffe made a coffee drink. He added sugar to the coffee and tried to market it as a drink for the nobles.

The first coffee shop opened in Vienna in the 17th century, where it was even sold as a medicine. In the 18th century, the first coffee shop opened in London.

Globalisation of Coffee

Coffee began to be globalised in the mid-18th century, as the British began to export coffee from the British East India Company.

This was the first time that coffee was transported overseas! During this time, Napoleon, a big fan of coffee, helped the industry spread around Europe. Coffee was first introduced to Europe by the Dutch and was also taken to America.

In the 1730s coffee was traded as a commodity between the Ottoman Empire and Britain, thus coffee began to travel across seas.

During the 19th century, coffee was globalised on a much larger scale. This coffee beverage was grown in other parts of the world and was traded between countries. Coffee was grown in Latin America and was traded in Europe and Africa during this period.

It was during this period that the coffee industry became even more globalised. The coffee industry was globalised even further in the 20th century when instant coffee was produced. Coffee shops started to open worldwide.

Instant coffee was invented in 1938 by a man called Satori Kato. The first instant coffee was called Sanka and was made from dried instant coffee and chicory root.


There you have it—the history of coffee from its origin until your morning cup of caffe latte, hot chocolate, or tea. It is incredible to think that coffee was even discovered by accident and has grown to become the most popular drink in the whole world! A coffee shop near you is waiting!

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