A Coffee Connoisseur’s Guide to a Better Coffee Experience

A Coffee Connoisseur’s Guide to a Better Coffee Experience

Coffee is one of humankind's best creations. It's a simply divine drink that comes in either a hot or cold form. Plus, coffee pairs well with different food items, including breakfast and sweets, so what's not to love?

With that said, becoming a coffee connoisseur is quite a complicated process, especially with how intricate coffee can be. Fortunately, complicated does not mean impossible.

Here are some facts you need to know about coffee to become a connoisseur.

1. Coffee Has Different Flavour Notes 

If you visit a pop-up café or stop by a mobile coffee van, you'll likely encounter a wide range of coffee options outside the typical black or black with cream and sugar option.

The number of options can be quite overwhelming, especially if you don't know what to expect. So, to start things off, you should learn about coffee flavour profiles.

Coffee has different profiles, including sweet, bitter, nutty, fruity and floral. If you're the type to take your coffee black or with little accompaniments, then it's best to know which coffee options offer certain profiles.

a) Sweet

Sugar-infused notes like caramel and honey characterise the sweet profile. You'll typically find coffee with a sweet profile in countries with tropical climates.

b) Bitter

Bitter coffee is the type you want to avoid if you're a beginner because the flavour can be overwhelming. The bitter flavour comes from the coffee grounds and stems. Ideally, this taste is best enjoyed when intermingled with other tastes.

c) Nutty

The nutty profile is a delicate, subtle flavour that comes from the coffee being roasted. The oil inside the coffee bean turns into a different flavour through the roasting process.

d) Fruity

Coffee that has a fruity profile is also known as bright and lively, as the fruit flavours highlight it. As a rule of thumb, a fruity-tasting coffee is not bitter, and you can taste its sweetness.

e) Floral

The floral profile is perfect for people who love flowers. As you may have guessed, the floral profile has a delicate floral flavour. The floral profile is most prominent in coffee from Kenya. Usually, this profile is mellow but can be quite strong.

2. Coffee Beans Come in Two Categories

Coffee beans come in two varieties: Arabica and Robusta.

The two types of coffee have different tastes, aroma and acidity. Arabica is the more complex choice of the two varieties as it has a deeper, richer taste.

On the other hand, Robusta has a bitter flavour and a higher caffeine content. If you are on a budget, focus more on Robusta as it's more affordable than Arabica.

3. The Type of Roast Affects the Coffee

The roasting stage determines the acidity, aroma and flavour of the coffee. The acidity becomes more prominent when coffee gets roasted longer, and the aroma and flavour become mellower.

Many people believe that darker roasts have higher caffeine content when that isn't the case. See, the roasting process burns off the caffeine in beans, so a light roast generally has a higher caffeine content than a dark roast.

In addition, lighter roasts feature flavour profiles better than darker roasts. So, if you're the type to go for fruity or floral coffee when visiting a pop-up café, you may want to go for a light roast.


Coffee is an incredibly complex drink, and there's more to it than simply black or black with cream and sugar. The best way to learn more about coffee is to go to a pop-up café or a mobile coffee van and ask the barista or server about the various flavours on the menu.

You can then choose a coffee flavour that complements your preferences.

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