4 Reasons You Must Include a Coffee Bar at Your Wedding

4 Reasons You Must Include a Coffee Bar at Your Wedding

While wedding planning is a long and arduous process, it is necessary. Not only does one have to understand the groom's favourites, but also the bride's. This constant balancing and establishing something that both parties like isn't easy, but it must be done. Regardless, one element constantly gets overlooked even though they seem to be present in every wedding: a coffee bar before and after the reception.

Are you wondering why you should have a coffee bar for your wedding? Here's why:

1. You Can Get Great Deals

One of the best things to do is go to the source. In this case, that means going to local coffee shops and cafes and asking them if they can come to your wedding. You'll be surprised at how many coffee shops want to do this. Not only do they gain sales that they would usually not get, but they also get to show off their talents as well. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

2. You Get Access to Good Coffee

A lot of the time, coffee from most caterers is not up to par. It's cheap, and it tastes like it. Coffee at a coffee bar, on the other hand, is usually the opposite. Coffee shops often make coffee for the love of coffee and for their customers. In other words, what is in your cup will be made properly and with love.

3. It Is Personal

If you ask a stranger to be your wedding planner, you are simply trusting them with something that is more than just your wedding. This stranger is going to help you plan your wedding and make it the best it can be. As such, you will rely on them to make their own decisions, which can be problematic because they don't know you as well as your family or friends could. If they were to ask you how you take your coffee, would you be able to answer, or would it be awkward? With a coffee bar, you are getting something similar to what you want. You get a little bit of something that is familiar, which in turn makes you more at ease.

4. It's Less Stress

A lot of stress is caused when people just don't get along. This is even worse when it is a family member getting married. But, it doesn't have to be that way. A coffee bar is something that both the bride and the groom can enjoy, and it's something that both will appreciate. After all, some people just don't like the same things. It may be petty, but having a coffee bar means that you won't have as many harsh arguments.


A wedding is meant to be a happy union of two people in love. It should be a time to celebrate and rejoice. As such, the best way to do this is to include something that the bride and groom can both enjoy: a coffee bar! It is an excellent way to do this. After all, who doesn't like a good cup of coffee? That's why if you're planning your wedding today, don't forget to include a coffee bar!

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