Common Coffee Brewing Mistakes, Solved

Common Coffee Brewing Mistakes, Solved

If you're starting to get into the world of coffee, the amount of information and resources online can be pretty overwhelming. Because of this, many tend to believe that they're doing things "by the book," but in fact, they could be ruining their cup of joe.

Whether you're a seasoned home brewer or you're a coffee beginner, many still make mistakes when it comes to their coffee ritual. For this reason, it's best to know the common mistakes right away so you can avoid these practices in your coffee routine.

But of course, if you're thinking of having coffee in your office, it's smart to consider booking a coffee van instead, so you can trust that professionals can make the perfect cup of joe for your team.

Mistake #1: Storing Coffee in the Refrigerator or Freezer

Storing coffee in the fridge or freezer also speeds up the process of losing flavour and aromas. When you freeze your coffee, it locks the freshness in, but the flavours will have already deteriorated by the time you unfreeze it. Coffee that's kept in the refrigerator is exposed to moisture and condensation, which can also cause it to lose its freshness.

So if you're thinking of storing your coffee, it's best to place it in your closet or pantry in airtight containers and grind your coffee per cup to retain its freshness.

Mistakes #2: Using Water That's Too Hot or Too Cold

Using water that's too hot or cold water will brew a cup of coffee with a lot of unwanted flavours that you won't be able to taste in your cup. Ideally, you want to brew your coffee between 195F and 205F, so you can avoid undesirable flavours in your cup.

On the other hand, using water that's too cold can affect the extraction process and cause underdeveloped flavour.

Mistake #3: Not Using the Right Grinder for Your Coffee

If there's anything you should invest in, you should definitely invest in a good coffee grinder. Using the wrong grinder can affect the taste of your cup by not producing fine enough grounds for your coffee machine to properly brew a cup of coffee.

Fortunately, when you book a coffee van for events or offices, you can trust that they're using only the best equipment to brew you a proper cup of coffee. You can also chat with the baristas and learn more about their rations, coffees, and specials for the day!

Mistake #4: Not Following the Right Measurements of Your Coffee

Making coffee is all about following the correct measurements. It's all about having the right water to coffee ratio, so you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee.

With that said, ensure that you're using the right ratio for your brew method and with the right variables as well. Taking into consideration your brew time, temperature, and water quality.

The Bottom Line: Avoid These Mistakes for a Proper Cup of Coffee

If you're new to coffee, it's probably best to start by understanding the common mistakes you can make when brewing coffee. These mistakes can cause you to ruin your coffee experience, so it's best to avoid them from the get-go.

Of course, if you want your coffee done right, it's ideal to book a coffee van so you can enjoy high-quality coffee made with the best technique.

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