Possible Reasons Why your Coffee is Too Bitter (What To Do)

Possible Reasons Why your Coffee is Too Bitter (What To Do)

You may not blame yourself for falling in love with coffee. As you learn more about your delicious brew, you probably make it yourself at home. Chances are, you think you’re never going back since a good cup is so much better when you make it yourself than when you order it at a cafe. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “Why is my coffee so bitter?”

There are many factors that affect the taste and quality of your cup. This blog post will shed light on possible expectations and quick fixes to adjust the taste of your coffee.

Possible Reasons Why your Coffee is Too Bitter (What To Do)

1 - You’ve got dirty equipment due for a thorough cleaning

Coffee particles, fruit flies and other particles can be found in your equipment, especially if you have a one-cup brewer at home. The longer you wait, the worse your coffee will become. Consequently, this will also affect how bitter it tastes. As a rule of thumb, clean your equipment at least once a week. If you live in a humid area, consider cleaning your equipment every two days.

2 - Your grind is too fine

The grind of your coffee should be coarse enough to allow water to pass through easily but fine enough that it can extract the flavour of your coffee. Overly fine grinds are the perfect breeding ground for bitter flavours, as the paper filter will not be able to filter them. It is recommended that you use a medium grind, which is supposed to be the most common and most versatile grind.

3 - Your coffee is too old

Coffee has over 200 volatile compounds that affect its taste. When these compounds are exposed to air, they will oxidize and deteriorate. Consequently, your coffee will lose its freshness quickly, especially if you store your coffee in an airtight container. Furthermore, if you are using pre-ground coffee, it may be best to buy an entire bag and use it up quickly.

4 - You brew the coffee for too long

Extraction time has a direct effect on the taste of your coffee. When you’ve brewed the coffee for too long, over-extraction happens, which also leads to bitterness. The longer you brew the coffee, the more bitterness you’re getting.

5 - Your brew is too hot

The ideal temperature to make a cup of coffee is between 185 and 205 degrees Celsius, but don’t worry because every brewer has thermostatic controls. If you’re using a one-cup brewer, make sure to place it far away from the heating element. If you’re using a pod brewer, make sure to follow the instructions indicated in the user manual.


If you’re making coffee at home, then you have full control of your coffee’s taste. The key to making a good cup of coffee is to clean your equipment regularly and use the right grind, as well as extract the coffee in the right amount of time. If you follow these tips, you will be able to adjust the taste of your cup of coffee and also enjoy it longer.

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