Espresso Romance: Why Coffee Makes a Great First Date

Espresso Romance: Why Coffee Makes a Great First Date

You sit twiddling your thumbs, awaiting your date to the scent of freshly-ground coffee and breakfast donuts. You’re nervous but subdued by the foot traffic of frappuccino enthusiasts and cafe-goers browsing holiday mugs. 

Then, your date arrives. You’re running through weekend hobbies, family anecdotes, and a potential second date—all over two mugs of espresso. If you’re gearing up for a holi-date, here is why cafes and coffee shops make for an excellent get-to-know-you setting. 

Reason 1 - It’s Inexpensive

Nobody is keen on shelling out for a three-course meal on the first date—especially if you don’t end up progressing onto a second one. Even at a luxury cafe, you aren’t likely to spend more than $20 on a cup of coffee. 

Contrary to popular opinion, a low-budget first date doesn’t make you cheap. You simply aren’t willing to invest in someone you don’t yet know very well. 

Reason 2 - A Coffee Order Speaks Volumes

While an individual’s choice of coffee doesn’t define who they are, you might sneak a peek into underlying personality traits. Do they demonstrate a milk preference? Do they talk down to the barista—in which case, run! Do they opt out of coffee altogether? 

Reason 3 - It’s a Good Setting for Conversation

A first date is all about getting to know this enigmatic person before you. With nothing but two mugs of coffee between you, there isn’t much else to do but talk, which is the best way to unearth a spark—or not!

Reason 4 - You Can Avoid Getting Drunk

Getting to know someone over a cocktail or pint of beer is nothing new—but you don’t want to risk oversharing. Think about it; do you say things you don’t mean when you’re intoxicated? Are you a little too honest, or do you become uptight? 

Plus, if you’re over-consuming, you might end up having to call a cab home. No drunk driving on this date, please!

Reason 5 - It Sets Up an Easy Out

Not every first date is going to go the way you’d hoped. If the connection isn’t there, coffee doesn’t take long to consume. A couple of sips, and you can be out of there in an instant. 

Reason 6 - Coffee is Good for You

No, we don’t mean you should consume eight glasses of coffee in place of water. However, adding two cups of black coffee to your diet can lower your risk of cirrhosis, an incurable liver disease, by 44%! 

Reason 7 - They’re Casual

No need to mull over which purse to match up with which heel or tie to partner with which coat. You can dress how you usually would in a coffee shop, which is an excellent way to get to know the real you. 

Reason 8 - You Can People Watch

People watching is an excellent way to pass the time. Plus, it says a lot about you and your potential partner. Do they love to compliment charming families? Are they not too keen on a particular get-up? 

Reason 9 - It’s Easy to Fit Into Your Schedule

Nowadays, coffee isn’t just a morning thing. You can schedule your date for any time of the day. Chances are, you can consume something that isn’t coffee if you’re ready to cap off the night after your date. 


Whether an Americano aficionado or cappuccino connoisseur, coffee dates make for an excellent starting point to a hopefully picture-perfect romance. You never know when your first mug of shared espresso will lead to another cup of coffee—and another! 

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