Mobile Coffee Hire In Adelaide: Essentials to Consider

If you are planning an event or a workshop and are looking for a mobile coffee hire, you can find plenty of options including Lygon Coffee in Adelaide. This blog will explain in detail the benefits so hiring a mobile coffee van for your event.

Now you don’t need to buy an expensive coffee machine for arranging a high-quality beverage that leaves your guests mesmerized with its taste and flavor. You can avail of mobile coffee van services at surprisingly competitive rates in Adelaide.

Hiring a mobile coffee van means one less thing to worry about when arranging an extraordinary event. LygonCoffee’s mobile coffee van takes care of everything for you, you can choose an all-inclusive package to fully cover the costs of coffee for your guests or you can let your guests pay for the service directly.

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Why Rent a Coffee Van?

If you are an event planner or you are assigned a task to conduct a high-quality workshop, it needs to have coffee for your guests. According to a study, Australia’s coffee imports have more than doubled over the last decade. This shows the importance of having coffee at your events.


If you decide to arrange coffee on your own for an event, you will have to worry about the following:

  • Coffee Machines
  • Coffee Mugs/ Cups
  • Baristas/ Experts who can operate that machine
  • Menu
  • Generators for outdoor events

You will have run to multiple sources just for arranging a high-quality coffee event. This can be a huge waste of time for you as you need to focus on other essential aspects of making an event successful.

This is where a coffee van comes into the picture. They make sure you focus on what is vital for your event and take care of the coffee needs at very affordable rates.

Professional Service

When it comes to coffee, there are many mobile coffee van providing services in Adelaide. You need to serve clients from various backgrounds. This diversity requires a professional service to satisfy the customers. The success of your event should be important to the mobile coffee van service you hire for the event.

A non-professional service can ruin an event for good. All the efforts can go wasted if the team of mobile coffee you hire does not show the professionalism needed for that event. Ensure the baristas are trained professionals who know how to conduct themselves when providing service during an event.

Coffee Breaks are Important

All professional events have coffee breaks. You can enhance the experience of your guests by reviving their spirits through a diverse menu by offering them different types of coffees.

Attending a workshop or an event can be tiresome for the guests. Mobile coffee vans make sure your guests stay motivated for the rest of the event.

You should ensure that your guests get the best experience during their coffee break. Customers’ satisfaction provides impetus to any business model.

How Mobile Coffee Vans for Events Work

When you plan an event, you will place your order by browsing through various packages on their websites. They will ask you about the necessary details such as the venue, date, time, menu and the number of guests.

These details are important because they need to arrange supplies and update their menu accordingly. They can also incorporate any specific requests you might have about the event.

Once the order is placed, they will confirm your details and arrive at the event at the given time and date. If it’s a well-reputed service provider, their baristas will set up the shop at your desired location and will start serving on the schedule you mention.

Once the event is complete, we ask for your feedback on our service. This helps us improve our services in the future. We make sure that the place is clean and there is no litter on the spot where we arranged our coffee.

Who Should You Go For A Coffee Van Hire?

If you are an event organizer, you can hire a coffee van to outsource this aspect of your event without worrying about the quality of service. In fact, you will be adding value to your event by choosing a coffee van service.

If you are an employee working at a multinational corporation and your higher management wants you to arrange a workshop at a narrow deadline and a lean budget, hiring a coffee van for that event would be a smart thing to do.

How much Does It Cost To Hire a Coffee Van?

The packages are designed to suit the needs of customers. Usually, a coffee van service operates on a per-hour basis. However, the specific cost for the event depends on the scale of the even and specific requirement of the clients.

You will need to contact the coffee van service beforehand to find out the exact cost of the service to cover an event.

Final Words

Mobile coffee hire covers an essential aspect of your event.  If you want your event professionally conducted, you should definitely hire a mobile coffee van to focus your attention on making the rest of the event successful.

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