The Reason Why You Need to Spend More on The Grinder Than The Espresso Machine

If you are a coffee drinker, you are likely to spend a lot of money buying coffee every day. With coffee equipment, you will reduce a lot of daily coffee expenses. Since good coffee requires such good equipment, coffee beans, and skills, some coffee shops do not have these kinds of elements. Therefore, it is very beneficial to have coffee equipment at home.

Why is Coffee Grinder so important?   

Furthermore, an espresso machine is an important piece of equipment to make coffee at home. This machine helps brew the best quality coffee to drink. Likewise, it only takes less than a minute to brew a cup of espresso with hot water and ground beans. On the other hand, a coffee grinder is more important than the espresso machine because freshly ground coffee beans provide the best quality of coffee flavor. For example, if you grind the Arabica coffee bean 20 minutes before brewing, you will get 100% of all the bitterness and the aroma from the coffee extraction. Thus, if you had to upgrade the coffee equipment, the coffee grinder would come first.

Roles of Coffee Grinder

  • Grind Fresh Coffee

Typically, freshly ground coffee beans contain aromatic oils, which give rich and sweet flavors. The coffee beans are also rich in acidity and bitterness. However, you do not want to brew stale coffee because it has lost its taste and flavors. The coffee is no longer fresh if it is ground for more than 30 minutes. It is because oxidation kills every floral flavor that coffee brings.

  • Improve Coffee Experiences

With the coffee grinder, you can have many chances to increase your coffee grinding experience. For the first several times, you are unlikely to produce a perfect ground coffee bean. However, you can improve the quality of coffee by adjusting the grind size every time you grind. Over time, you will find the right way to make the best coffee.

  • Things You Need to Know About Grind Sizes and Coffee Brewers

The four fundamental grind sizes you need to know are super fine, fine, and coarse. First, the superfine ground coffee will look like flour. At this size, the coffee beans are ground into extremely small particles. Therefore, it only suits Turkish brewing. The fine grind size works perfectly well with a Moka pot and an auto-drip coffee brewer, unlike the superfine one. Fine grind coffee, in other words, is pre-ground coffee looking like table salt but has a finer consistency. Next, French press and cold brew coffee makers can be used to brew coarse ground coffee. As the coarse size appears to be sea salt, you can use brewing techniques like a percolator and cupping coffee to brew this type of grind size.

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