The Golden Rule of Espresso Brewing To Practice in 2021

To make an excellent espresso, it requires art and science. You need to instill the art skill by continuous practicing and the science that derives from having good quality coffee beans with brewing machines to facilitate the task. If you are new to making homemade espresso, it may take a little practice. However, it is all going to be worth it. 

You might have heard of the golden rule of espresso brewing, which is to extract 2 to 2.5 ounces of coffee into your cup within 20 to 30 seconds from the moment you turn on the pump.  However this article will show you another golden rules to make the perfect espresso as your best practice in 2021.

Here Are The Best Practice To Make Perfect Espresso Brewing

  1. Choose Good Espresso Beans And Water

First, the quality coffee bean is the top-prioritized ingredient that you must be selective for your espresso. Moreover, don't use tap water. Most tap water tends to be infused with chemicals, like chlorine that would produce an unfavorable taste for your coffee. Of course, this water could ruin the sensation of your quality beans. However, filtered water should be fine.

  • Grind Coffee Bean To The Promising Consistency 

Different roasts need different grinding adjustments. Hence, you need to practice until you reach the right grind size. If you don’t get much crema from the espresso, at the same time, the water flows from the portafilter; that’s when you need to grind your coffee bean a little more. The rule of thumb is, you should modify the grinding process till you hit the level in which the most crema is presented, and the pump does not strain.

  • Fill Portafilter And Tamp Ground Coffee With Suitable Pressure 

Usually, you need to fill only 2 scoops of ground coffee in the portafilter. This amount should be enough for the double espresso shot. Besides, tamping with suitable compression is a significant process to compress ground coffee. Usually, you would need roughly 30lb pressure.

  • Invest In A Reliable Espresso Machine And Heat Up In Advance

The two essential things about your espresso brewing are preserving the right temperature and producing sufficient pressure for the espresso. Plus, give your brewing machine enough time to pre-heat. Most devices would have an impact to show when it reaches precise temperature for the greatest production of crema. 

  • Clean And Descale Your Espresso Machine Frequently

Besides rinsing and wiping, you should clean the brewing machine frequently with a descaling solution to make it run smoother for your next cup of espresso.

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