How to create the perfect flat white

A latte and a flat white should have a quantity of cream rising up to the top, so the coffee takes on a brown colour, preferably with the white artwork on top of it to give a contrasting pattern. A cappuccino should be all about a white silky top where chocolate or cinnamon powder can be used to dust.

How can a barista get a perfect flat white?

Most of the baristas can get the milk temperature and consistency spot on, and most of them goes wrong with the milk pour stage. When a bit wrong with the pour stage, the flat white will end up with a silky white top, and cappuccinos with a brown top. Hence, the pour technique comes into the importance to keep your cup of latte perfectly.

How to pour milk perfectly?

As we understand from basic physics theory, a fast moving, denser, thinner flow of milk will be more likely to penetrate the surface of a liquid than a lighter, slower flow of milk. In this connection, we need to achieve a faster moving, denser and thinner flow of milk which will dive down towards the bottom of the coffee, piercing through the crema and bringing this golden brown color nicely to the top.

Hence, follow steps should be taken to achieve a perfect pour:

  1. Pour your latte and flat white from a height to create a nice narrow, fast moving milk stream at the entrance.
  2. Bring the spout of the milk jug closer to the cup, hence, the milk forms on the top of the brown crema on the top.
  3. Formation of white artwork towards the end of the milk pour, which leads you to create your perfect artwork.

For Cappuccino, the pour should be slightly different. The spout of the jug starting close to the side of the cup in order to make the milk form resting on the top of the cream without piercing it.

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