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– 60 coarseness settings

– Z-shaped handle and custom base for smooth and effortless grinding

– Sleek and elegant polyhedron design

– Independent Italian steel burrs

– Disassemble by hand and clean in seconds

– Built by artisans: Every X-Series grinder is carefully hand built by Brewista’s highly trained artisans to ensure you get years of trouble free coffee grinding.

– Effortless and precise grind control: Every feature in the X-series is designed to make your coffee experience simple. Brewista’s Z shaped handle makes turning and grinding to the perfect coarseness a breeze.

– Magnetic grind holder: Brewista’s unique magnetic grind holder base makes collecting your coffee grind easy. With less spillover, there’s less to clean!

– Quality Italian made burrs: Boasting Italian burrs and a military grade exterior, grinding with an X-series is easy and precise. Brewista used a high-grade custom steel and titanium to create a grinder that’s precise, durable and modern.

– Z-Shaped Handle and Tilted Base: Brewista learned the importance of getting a proper grip on your grinder, and created a handle that was balanced, stylish and very easy to control.

– Cone-shaped grind burrs: Expect the durability and quality that comes with a titanium and steel construction. It’s a design philosophy that ensures amazing results for years.

– Smart Bearing Positioning: A dabber with 3-tiered bearings offers precision, comfort and easy rotation for perfectly-ground coffee beans time after time.

What’s Included:

– Grinder

– Silicone Sleeve

– Air Blower Bulb

– Cleaning Brush

– Cloth Bag/Pouch


Brewista X Series Hand Grinder - The Perfect Addition to Your Coffee Setup

If you're serious about your coffee, then you need a quality grinder that can provide consistent, precise grinds. The Brewista X Series Hand Grinder is a top-of-the-line manual coffee grinder that is designed to provide the ultimate coffee experience. With its sleek and durable design, it's perfect for coffee enthusiasts who demand the best.

The Brewista X Series Hand Grinder comes with a range of features that make it stand out from the competition. Firstly, it has a precision grinding mechanism that ensures consistent grinds every time. This is due to its high-quality, hardened stainless-steel conical burrs that are designed to last for years.

The grinder also has a stepless grind adjustment mechanism, allowing you to fine-tune your grind size to suit your brewing method. This makes it perfect for a range of brewing methods, including espresso, pour-over, and French press.

The Brewista X Series Hand Grinder has a sleek and modern design that looks great in any kitchen. It's available in two color options - silver and black - so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

The grinder is also designed with durability in mind. It's made from high-quality materials that are built to last, so you can be sure it will provide consistent, precise grinds for years to come.

In summary, the Brewista X Series Hand Grinder is a must-have for any coffee enthusiast who demands the best. With its precision grinding mechanism, stepless grind adjustment, and durable design, it's the perfect addition to your coffee setup. Available in both silver and black, it's a versatile and stylish grinder that will provide you with the perfect coffee experience every time.



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