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Curious about the differences between the ODE Brew Grinder Gen 2 and its predecessor, the Gen 1? Here’s a quick breakdown of the key features and specifications:

  • Updated Brew Burrs: The Gen 2 features new brew burrs designed by Nick Terzulli, VP of R&D and a Certified Q Grader. These burrs are capable of grinding as fine as 250 microns, compared to the standard burrs on the Gen 1 which grind as fine as 500 microns.
  • Larger Hopper: With a capacity of 100 grams of beans, the Gen 2 hopper holds enough for a 12 cup brew at a 1:16 brew ratio – perfect for larger households or avid coffee drinkers.
  • Larger Catch Cup: The Gen 2 catch cup has been designed to accommodate the extra beans loaded into the hopper, ensuring that you won’t make a mess while grinding.
  • Anti-Static Technology: The Gen 2 ODE Brew Grinder boasts a significant reduction in static retention of ground coffee – from 1g in the Gen 1 to as low as 0.1 gram in the Gen 2. This means less waste and easier cleanup.
  • Design Change for the Catch Cup: The new catch cup design makes it effortless to transfer ground coffee from the cup to your brewing apparatus.

In terms of specifications, the ODE Brew Grinder Gen 2 weighs in at 4.5 kg/10 lbs and measures 239 mm (L) x 105 mm (W) x 248.3 mm (H). Its burr size is 64 mm, and the body material is aluminum while the load bin and base material are plastic. The burrs themselves are made of stainless steel, uncoated (Gen 2 Brew Burrs).

Overall, the ODE Brew Grinder Gen 2 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, with upgraded features that make it an excellent investment for any coffee enthusiast. So if you’re in the market for a high-quality coffee grinder, the ODE Brew Grinder Gen 2 is definitely worth considering.


Looking for a way to elevate your coffee game at home? Look no further than the Fellow Ode Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder in sleek black. This powerful grinder brings the cafe experience to your countertop, making every cup of coffee feel like a special treat.

But what sets the Ode Gen 2 apart from other coffee grinders on the market? For starters, its unique two-stage grinding geometry produces a sweet, balanced, and complex cup of coffee every time, with enough clarity to respect the unique flavors of each bean. No matter what roast level you prefer, whether it's light and fruity or dark and chocolatey, the Ode Gen 2 has got you covered.

But that's not all - the Ode Gen 2 is also designed to make your morning routine quicker, quieter, and more enjoyable than ever before. With noise reduction features and a smaller hopper, you can grind your beans without disturbing the peace or taking up too much space on your countertop.

And with its precise particle size adjustment, the Ode Gen 2 is suitable for a variety of brewing methods, from pour-over to French press and cold brew. So no matter how you prefer to make your coffee, you can count on the Ode Gen 2 to deliver the perfect grind every time.

Finally, the Ode Gen 2 is designed with cleanliness in mind. With anti-static technology, a magnetically aligned catch, and a grinds knocker to reduce retention, you can say goodbye to messy grinds and hello to a tidy brewing area.

So if you're ready to take your coffee game to the next level, invest in the Fellow Ode Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder today. You won't regret it!

Fellow Ode Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder Fellow Ode Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder Fellow Ode Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder

Fellow Ode Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder - White Fellow Ode Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder - White Fellow Ode Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder - White


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