$164.95 excl. GST


  • Auto Mode and Manual Mode
  • Dual timing bars which help set the pour rate
  • Adjustable water-to-coffee ratios
  • Water resistant coating
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Auto Timer, Tare & Off


  • Scale
  • Silicone Insulating Pad
  • Clear protective Cover/Tray
  • USB charging cable


The Brewista Ratio Scale is a must-have tool for coffee enthusiasts and professional baristas alike. It is designed to help you achieve the perfect coffee-to-water ratio, ensuring a consistent and delicious cup of coffee every time. With its unique features and unparalleled accuracy, this scale sets itself apart from other scales on the market.

The Ratio Scale features both an Auto Mode and a Manual Mode, making it simple to use and adjust the coffee-to-water ratio to your preference. The large, easy-to-read LCD display shows the weight of both the coffee and water, and two timing bars on the display show the desired pour rate and the actual pour rate, helping you pace your pour for optimal results.

Whether you're a home brewer or a professional barista, the Brewista Ratio Scale is the perfect tool for anyone looking to perfect their brew ratios for pour over. The scale is capable of measuring up to 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) and is made with high-quality materials, ensuring both accuracy and durability.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your coffee making to the next level. Get your Brewista Ratio Scale today and start brewing like a pro! Watch the video to see the Ratio Scale in action and experience the difference for yourself.


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