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  • Base Size: 58mm
  • Material: Various
  • Material: Stainless Steel (base)
  • Colour: Argent Silver, Australian Oak, Black Acetal, Burgundy Red, Checker board, Cobalt Blue, Forest Green, Grape Purple, Jarrah, Malabar Gold, Stealth Black


The Pullman Tamper is the ultimate tool for the perfect espresso every time. Precision engineered and designed with the barista in mind, this tamper guarantees optimal results with each use. With three stackable height-adjustment spacers, the tamper offers a total of 8 height options, allowing you to easily find the ideal grip. Simply unscrew the handle and switch out the spacers for custom height adjustment.

Using the Pullman Tamper is effortless and convenient. Fill the portafilter with freshly ground coffee, place it on a tamping mat or stand, and adjust the tamper angle using the True Tamp rings as a guide. Apply firm, even pressure from your shoulder to your elbow to compress the coffee, using a force of 10-15kg. Complete the tamp by spinning the tamper 90 degrees to create a smooth, polished surface.

For the perfect espresso, aim for 30ml with a brewing time of 25 seconds. If the brewing time is longer, the grind is too fine, and if it's quicker, the grind is too coarse. With the Pullman Tamper, you can enjoy a perfectly brewed espresso every time.

Pullman Barista Tamp - Black Acetal - 58mm

Pullman Barista Tamp - Australian Oak - 58mm Pullman Barista Tamp - Stealth Black - 58mm Pullman Barista Tamp - Cobalt Blue - 58mm Pullman Barista Tamp - Checkerboard - 58mm Pullman Barista Tamp - Malabar Gold - 58mm Pullman Barista Tamp - Forest Green - 58mm Pullman Barista Tamp - Jarrah - 58mm  Pullman Barista Tamp - Grape Purple - 58mm Pullman Barista Tamp - Burgundy Red - 58mm Pullman Barista Tamp - Argent Silver - 58mm


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