$163.95 excl. GST


  • 58.4mm base width
  • Colour: Black
  • Base Material: Stainless Steel


Introducing Caffewerks, a Seattle-based coffee company that has created a game-changer in the world of espresso tampers. The specialty tamper is a perfect blend of practicality and style, made with top-notch materials and designed with comfort in mind.

At the core of this tamper is a 58.4mm base, the most popular size among professional baristas. The base is a hybrid of stainless steel, combining the advantages of both convex and flat tampers. It fits most prosumer and commercial espresso machines with a 58mm base, enabling baristas to effortlessly make delicious coffee.

What sets this tamper apart is its innovative adjustable skateboard wheel. The wheel can spin for added versatility or be locked in place with a simple turn of the nut. The nut can also be effortlessly loosened for quick adjustments, allowing you to personalize the tamper with any skateboard wheel of your choice.

The tamper's design guarantees a better tamping outcome by scraping away any leftover coffee grounds from the sides of the portafilter basket, ensuring a uniform extraction. The convex edge tamping surface provides a consistent seal, preventing water from bypassing the coffee bed and resulting in a consistent and delicious cup of coffee every time.


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