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  • Threaded connections are half inch and push fitting is 3/8″
  • Dimensions: 152mm x 152mm x 102mm


The Pitcher Rinser is a versatile tool designed to help espresso bar owners maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Its square shape and built-in water and drain connections make it easy to integrate into almost any setup. You can simply place it on your countertop and connect it to your plumbing for convenient drainage.

The rinser's key feature is its ability to rinse pitchers with cold water. Cold water is essential for proper sanitation because it helps to reduce the temperature of the pitcher. When milk is steamed, it can reach temperatures that are in the food danger zone, making it unsafe for consumption. By rinsing the pitcher with cold water, the temperature of the milk is brought down, ensuring that it's safe for your customers to drink.

Furthermore, cold water also helps to achieve the desired texture for the milk. Cold water produces a finer and smoother texture in the milk, making it ideal for latte art and other espresso beverages. On the other hand, warm or hot water can create a coarser texture, which can affect the quality of the milk and the final product.

The Pitcher Rinser comes with straightforward installation instructions, making it easy to set up and adapt to most espresso bars. With its focus on hygiene, texture, and convenience, the Pitcher Rinser is an essential tool for any espresso bar looking to provide the highest quality beverages to their customers.

Espresso Parts Pitcher Rinser


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