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  • Base Material: Stainless Steel
  • Base Size: 58.5mm
  • Handle Colour:  Black/Black, Black/Bronze, Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Raya, White/Bronze, White/Gold, White/Silver


The Pesado 58.5mm Tamper with Depth Adjuster is the epitome of precision in coffee tamping. With its meticulously machined 90-degree edge, it guarantees maximum basket coverage, eliminates channelling, and produces a flat and consistent puck for optimal extraction.

Crafted with a sleek metallic finish on its modular handle, the tamper exudes a premium look that seamlessly blends with both professional and home barista setups. The depth adjuster, a unique feature, makes it easy to achieve an even tamp level and pressure, resulting in a more uniform extraction. Whether you're a barista at a bustling café or a coffee aficionado at home, the Pesado Tamper is the ultimate tool for crafting the perfect cup of coffee. Say goodbye to irregular tamping and enjoy consistent, top-notch coffee every time.


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