4 Effective Tips to Roast Your Coffee Bean at Home

Coffee is everyone’ favorite mental refresher. Everyone likes to get a cup in the morning to kick off their day or in the afternoon to refresh their mindset. However, it might be costly to spend your money on coffee daily. Moreover, many people may be too lazy to roast coffee or do not know how to make it. However, you can roast the coffee bean once and make coffee for a week easily at home.

Roasting coffee is not difficult, but you need to fundamentally understand the coffee roasting types and the coffee bean types. These elements are important for homemade coffee bean roasting because you have to get the right coffee bean type. Let us show the4 Effective Tips to Roast Your Coffee Bean at Home.

  1. Your Pan

If you have a pan at home, you should start heating up to roast your coffee bean. You can also use other kitchen stoves to roast in the same way. A light roast normally requires a minimum temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176°C). Therefore, roasting with the pan may be quite difficult at first because you can’t measure the exact temperature.

On the other hand, roasting with the pan can be measured by the colour of the coffee bean. You can stir it until it appears to be in Brown. Moreover, you can put the bean in the hot pan and patiently stir until you hear the first crack. By doing that, you will get a light roast coffee. 

Roast Your Coffee Bean with Pan
  • Your Oven

One other saving method is using an oven to roast the coffee bean. With the oven, you do not need any special equipment during the roasting process. To kick-off, you have to put the bean on the metal stuff, then heat the oven to 500 degrees Celsius before putting the bean. For those who want a light roast coffee, you can pull them out after 5 minutes. Further, if you want a dark roast, you can wait for another few minutes to hear its second crack.  

Roast the Coffee Bean with Oven
  • Your Stovetop Popper

A stovetop popper might not sound good enough for the roasting process, unlike the previous home roasters. However, this traditional popper can save you a lot of money. This stovetop popper is similar to the pan because roasting the coffee bean is the same as the pan. What is different is that you do not have to stir the coffee bean all the time. 

Roast the Coffee Bean with Stovetop Popper
  • Your Coffee Roaster

The last roaster is winning stuff. The coffee roaster is designed specifically for roasting coffee. Of course, the coffee will taste way better than the previous utensils. You can put a lot of coffee beans to roast per batch. Other than that, this roaster can consistently provide the exact type of coffee you need due to its controllable temperature. On top of that, you can use it easily because it has no complex usages.  

Home Coffee Roaster

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