How we Decide our Coffee Recipe

When you walk into any coffee shop or walk by any mobile coffee van in Adelaide city each morning at 8, you’ll find the same thing: a queue of people anticipation for the heady aroma of coffee brewing and the reassuring “bzzzz” sound of a burr grinder or “whoosh” of a short espresso pull. As a local mobile coffee cafe operator, we also seriously concern our selection of coffee beans to its desired roasting level before we serve.

Origin Of Coffee Bean

Our blended coffee creates a complex and balanced espresso while still having a milk-based beverage in mind. We carefully selected coffee beans to provide increased body, some delicious brown sugaring flavors also some floral complexity aftertaste.

Roasting Level

We understand that the coffee roast level is the most important variable in the flavor, aroma, body and ultimately taste of the coffee in your cup. Hence, our selected coffee bean are roasted in the medium to medium-dark range in order to make the perfect espresso.

Brewing Equipment

In order to make a perfect espresso, a reliable coffee machine provides a consistent pressure is one of the key element.

When making espresso, 9 bars of pressure is known to be the optimal pressure used to extract the best espresso. We calibrated our coffee grind size with the time yield of the extraction time of a cup of espresso to ensure that it takes between 25-30 seconds to pull a shot of espresso in order to make a perfect cup of espresso daily.

In order to achieve a stable and high volume coffee requests in an event, we chose Expobar Megacrem as our coffee machine to provide consistent high-quality espresso.

Coffee Ground Level

Grinding coffee for an espresso is probably the most complex part in order to get a perfect cup of espresso. We need to be fine enough to increase the pressure required to push the water through the filter and create a good crema.

We selected Mazzer Robur as our grinder to provide a fast and consistent grinding power to our coffee.

Water Quality

Marble Hill spring water will be used for each cup of our coffee in order to keep every cup of coffee is made of clean water.

If you looking to hire a mobile coffee service to suit your requirements and impress your guests in Adelaide. We’d love to help if you’re hiring a coffee van for your event, simply contact us now.

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